Monday, April 12, 2010


Well last night was one of the more interesting nights in my life.
First of all lets get one thing straight- i cant stand Lindsey.
She's the biggest whore in the school (she even beats out the upperclassmen)
and she lost her virginity to MY boyfriend whenever they dated...
So she's REALLY jealous of me and she hates me because he's mine... ever since we got together she's been tryin to ruin our relationship!! and it's not just ours...she effs with everyone else's relationships too!
So last night Chris (my boyfriend)and i were having a little argument on fb and he commented on my status saying sorry and then lindsey (starting shit) comments and says "ha."
thennn, Teresa, one of my bestfriend's older sisters and pretty much the coolest person i know commented on there and freaked out on her and called her out on all her shit. thenn, everyone starts commenting and calling Lindsey out on her crap and it just went onn all night..there were 80 commments!!! i'll post more later :) Ciao! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The science of common sense

I swear to Jesus people over think way too many things! I'm writing this because we have to read a book in English class called Sophie's World (about the history of Philosophy).... It's pretty good but I continually find myself completely bored out of my mind! My English teacher says there's a fine line between "Literature" and "stories" and i completely get that.. but literary authors seem to over think their stories.. It's not creative at all!!! They base it off everyday things that could happen to anyone...and there's usually some life lesson involved.. but where's the fun in that? It's meant to be thought about, not for enjoyment. English teachers are the worst about it if you ask me... They can write 300 page papers over a simple book and put even more thought into it than the author ever did! Life is meant to enjoy, not to spend worrying about society and politics!

2010! :)

hm... okay I'm not sure where exactly to start.. My mom told me that if i want to be a good reporter it's important to have a blog for some sort of practice.. so im going to write everything in my head on this computer for practice:)